July, 2017

It’s summer, so that must mean there’s a new JET hitting the shelves!

I’m happy to announce that JET – Rogue State, is now available wherever fine ebooks are sold.

This episode was a blast to write, and I tried to include some fun topical stuff along with all the usual explosions and chases. Hopefully it will surprise and delight you, or at least keep you from returning it for a refund and swearing to never buy another one. Either is good, although I’d obviously prefer the former.

I don’t want to give away the plot, so I’ll keep this announcement short. If you liked the last eleven installments, and the two prequels, you’ll be glad you picked this one up. If not, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll buy it, so I won’t worry about what you think – you are dead to me.

Below is the cover, and a purchase link to Amazon. Enjoy, but please don’t stay up all night reading, lose your job, and wind up living under a freeway overpass huffing paint with vagrants and sleeping with newspaper stuffed beneath your soiled clothing for warmth.


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