July, 2022

While you’re waiting for my next JET to be released in September, I thought I would recommend another thriller to occupy your time. My friend Ernest Dempsey just released his latest book, Heavy Lies the Crown, and I think you’ll like it.

The main character, Dak Harper, is a former Delta Force operator. After his commanding officer betrayed him, he picked up a new gig from a teenage millionaire with a penchant for finding stolen artifacts on the black market.

In this story, Dak goes on the hunt for the lost Welsh Crown of Prince Llywelyn that’s been missing over 700 years. The crown was purchased on the dark web by a mob boss in London, but a young upstart murdered him and stole the crown in a play for greater power. So Dak finds himself in the midst of a turf war, faced with enemies on all fronts.

I don’t usually recommend other authors. But this story has such a fun storyline, I thought I’d suggest it. And Ernest is a nice guy. And no, I don’t owe him money. Although I’m hoping he buys the first rounds whenever he makes it down to Mexico.

If you’re looking for something to while away the time, you could do worse than Heavy Lies the Crown. And the new JET is shaping up really well – one of my better efforts, if I say so myself! So stay tuned. I’m halfway through it, and tapping my fingers to nubs to get it done.



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