March, 2024

Many moons ago, I wrote a column for the Gringo Gazette in Cabo San Lucas that featured all the do’s and don’t’s I knew about Mexican residential construction. When my tenure drew to a close after a couple of years, I gathered the columns together and published them as a layman’s guide to building in Baja.

Now, after twenty years residing in Mexico and almost that many operating a couple of construction companies in Baja and on the mainland, I’ve rewritten the book, fleshed it out to be current, added sections where info has changed, and have published it on Amazon, as This Old Casa – Building in Mexico 101.

Anyone wondering about, or considering building, in Mexico would be well advised to pick up a copy and read it cover to cover. It is written to keep you out of the hottest of water you could easily land in, and to help you avoid embarking on a special kind of adventure that could sour you permanently. It’s the perfect companion piece to Retirement Secrets of Mexico, and I hope anyone interested finds it helpful, or at least interesting!


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