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It’s the end of September, which means it’s time for the release of my sequel to my bestselling action adventure novel Ramsey’s Gold. The title of the sequel is Emerald Buddha, and it’s now available wherever fine ebooks are sold. Pre-orders have been huge, so I want to take this chance to thank everyone who clicked buy over the last three months. To those that didn’t, this is your big chance.

In order to kick the launch of this new epic into high gear, I’m running a Bookbub special on Ramsey’s Gold, the first book in the series, today only. My hope is that this will introduce the characters to a whole new set of readers, some of whom might like it enough to go on to get Emerald Buddha. We’ll see how that works. Fingers are crossed.

Emerald Buddha reunites Drake Ramsey, Allie, and Spencer, and plunges them headlong into a jungle adventure in the Golden Triangle, where nothing is as it seems. It introduces some new characters, one of which was a complete hoot to write – it won’t be hard to guess which one. Inspired in equal parts by some of my ex-hippy drinking buddies, and Donald Sutherland’s character in Kelly’s Heroes, this minor player took on a life of his own and became a major part of the book. I love when that happens, and hope you will too.

Here’s the cover. Click on it to take you to Amazon. Links to Apple B&N are below¬†Enjoy the romp, and if you do, kindly leave reviews and tell a friend or three!

Trees in Monkey Forest in the city of Ubud. Bali, Indonesia



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