Fast-Paced Best Seller: Author Russell Blake Thrives on Volumes

A feature in The Times (UK) on my production speed.

Article in the Chicago Tribune featuring my prolific oeuvre.

Interview in the Huffington Post on co-authoring with Clive Cussler

Interview at on my take on the publishing industry.

Interviews and Guest Blogs

Radio interview with Tim Knox at Interviewing Authors

My first radio interview with Pam Stack: 1/28/2014

Interview with Jeff Rivera about what it’s like to be me. 1/18/2014

Interview with Simon Duringer on my process, tequila consumption, and other pressing questions. 1/18/2014

Interview with Rachelle Ayala on writing, Silver Justice, and Jet. A good one!

Super interview with Meaghan Gray on .

A fabulous interview with The Indie View on Voynich, writing, process & life.

A great interview with bestselling award winner Melissa Foster on writing The Voynich Cypher can be found here.

A wonderful interview with Amber Norrgard on The Voynich Cypher can be seen here.

Guest blog on writing The Voynich Cypher for The Veil War blog.

An interview on writing The Delphi Chronicle and short story effort with Kathleen Patel can be found here.

An interview with Write Into Print as well as a short story can be seen here.

Interview with Eden Baylee on craft, random stuff, and life.

Interview with Digital Ink Spot on craft and promotions.

I was i by @WritingTips101.

I was interviewed by South African blogger Nadine Maritz, and the result can be seen here.

Yours truly with Kipp Speicher on craft and process.

An incredibly in-depth interview with Steve Konkoly on craft & King Of Swords.

An Interview with Cheryl Bradshaw Books on writing.

An Interview with Tonya at A Book A Day on An Angel With Fur.

Guest Blog with Sibel Hodge on releasing 12 books in 12 months.

An Interview with G.E. Johnson on The Geronimo Breach can be seen here.

An Interview with editor Elaine Ash

An Interview with David Wisehart at Kindle Author Interview can be seen here.

An Interview with Patricia at can be seen here.

Guest Blog for Benjamin Wallace Books on Book Covers can be seen here.

An Interview with Mystery Writers Unite can be seen here.

An interview with author Douglas Dorow can be seen here.

An interview with Alan McDermott on writing, Fatal Exchange, King of Swords can be seen here.


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