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Somewhere, there are anonymous men gathered in a room, behind closed doors, figuring out how to keep people terrified so they can more easily fleece and control them.

Somewhere, there are big brains calculating how to convince people that they must kill aggressively to avoid danger, even as they must abdicate their rights in order to be safe, and that this time is different than all the other times when the identical dogma turned out to be false.

Somewhere, there are teams deciding what will get reported, and how, in order to achieve agendas that are 100% devoted to eliminating the population’s freedom in order to better profit.

Somewhere, there are people working to convince everyone that ignorance is strength, that war is peace, that entities designed to do nothing but be ruthlessly profitable and powerful, at the direct expense of the population, are acting in our best interests, and not their own.

Somewhere, there are men strategizing the best way to make everyone feel separate from everyone else, and to ignore the common material we are all made of lest it be harder for them to foment hate.

Somewhere, there are teams discussing how best to convince us that “they” don’t love their kids and want better lives for them, and that “they” hate us because we do.

Somewhere, there are bright fellows chartered with excusing our atrocities, because when we perform them, it’s good, but when others do the same it’s inexcusable.

Somewhere, someone is devoted to convincing zealots that their fairy tales are the truth, and everyone else’s fairy tales are ludicrous and hateful.

Somewhere, there is an active push to make questioning government narratives with any skepticism a kind of lunacy, which ignores the countless times government has lied in order to protect its power, manipulate the population, and protect the interests of rich elites.

Somewhere, there is a group whose sole function is to create a myth of a glorious past where we were virtuous and good and prosperous because of our natural superiority, and that all we need to do is return to that mythical past to become great again. This has always been a popular way to convince the masses to do the unthinkable and submit to a distorted vision that’s pure invention.

Somewhere, there are people who honestly believe that the answers to nuanced, complicated questions are simple, and can be explained in seconds, and that they, who struggle to work their TV remote, know the answers.

Somewhere, there are think tanks coming up with palatable excuses to kill millions while making the public feel their manipulated blood lust is justified and reasonable.

Somewhere, men are working to convince us that the rampant abuses of power documented in the past were an aberration, and that they can be trusted not to abuse their power yet again.

Somewhere, people are plotting to convince us that eating toxic food, living in deterministic wage slavery, and marching in lockstep behind the dictator du jour is patriotic and good, not craziness.

Somewhere, the idea that the police, military, and political apparatus work for us, and don’t dictate terms like masters to serfs, got badly mangled.

Somewhere, there is a group devoted to assuring us that our air, water, land, and property, really belong to them, and we’re lucky we’re allowed to use it at all.

Somewhere, there is a team that’s decided who is expendable, who must obey the laws they write but don’t themselves care about, and who must be silenced in order for them to prevail.

Somewhere, there is someone reading this whose vision is clouded with rage at the ideas expressed.

Somewhere, there is someone nodding their head in agreement.

Somewhere, there is a group devoted to convincing us that it’s best not to get involved, that change is impossible, and that striving to be better is pointless.

Somewhere along the way the idea that “we” are more important than “them” transitioned from madness to undisputed fact.

Somewhere, someone decided that it matters more how we appear, than how we behave.

Somewhere in the process we decided that being rich and powerful were more important than being compassionate and just.

Somewhere, someone is pretending to give a shit, but couldn’t care less.

Somewhere, a group of powerful men are laughing because they have convinced most that they don’t, that they can’t, exist, that none of this could never happen, and that the world is a benign place where evil men cannot do evil in the name of good – which requires us to ignore all history recorded since the dawn of time.



  1. Wed 09th Dec 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Excellent post. I’ve been following you for a few years, and I felt compelled to share this post. I have a few good friends of like mind, and we talk about this sort of thing often, but in most circles speaking about anything this “real” is frowned upon or treated as “weird”. Thanks for trying to spread some simple truth in this world of lies.


    • Russell Blake  –  Wed 09th Dec 2015 at 10:08 pm

      The agenda to demonize anyone who calls a spade a spade and brand them a nutter is a tried and true tactic of the establishment – goes back a very long way, including McCarthyism. But we as a people never seem to learn. The government can lie to us countless times, and like Charlie Brown to Lucy’s football, we always run to kick the ball in spite of the fact that the last 100 times we tried it turned out to be a lie. They say we get the government we deserve, but I’d argue we get the government we are trained to expect, and part of that training is the indoctrination of the population into the idea that it shouldn’t question authority or official narratives, and that a bunch of crooked bureaucrats are somehow more trustworthy than basic skeptical reasoning. In other words, don’t think, just nod along.

      That’s never been my nature. We don’t advance if everyone marches in lockstep. Or put another way, innovation doesn’t come from conformists and lickspittles.

  2. Wed 09th Dec 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Yep. Sad but true, yet, my biggest concern today is our younger cat, not eating and vomiting several times. Priorities are what one sets them to be. Hoping Midnight feels better in the morning. THAT will make tomorrow a better day…

    • Russell Blake  –  Wed 09th Dec 2015 at 10:04 pm

      Um, hope Midnight gets his moxy back. Priorities indeed.

  3. Wed 09th Dec 2015 at 10:44 pm

    Unfortunately true in the main. We need to limit the amount that can be spent on campaigning in politics to make sure those without millions at their disposal stand a chance of being heard and elected too. Maybe people without self-interest can get elected.
    We need to stop allowing lobbyists from influencing politicians with free meals, holidays etc and severely limit the amount that can be donated by the biggest institutions.
    We need to be able to hold politicians accountable and have the ability to sack them if they don’t represent the true interest of the majority of their constituents. No more allowing them to vote according to the party line, but they must vote according to the wishes of the people they represent.
    Wars are not in the interest of the people so should not be entered into unless it is the will of the people.The armed forces should be kept for the sake of defence and employment.
    Alternate fuel sources must be found to end the reliance on oil from the middle East. It must never again be allowed to be an excuse to invade a country.
    Big corporations must be made to pay the appropriate tax on income earned from within any country.
    If it is proven that GM foods are dangerous and that Monsanto and other GM firms knew then the directors must be made to be responsible and the firms closed down or taken over by the Government to profit the country after dangers have been removed.
    The so called 1% must pay tax at a realistic level on income to increase the Countries wealth not their personal wealth.
    People themselves must be taught to respect the differences between the races but that we are the same people underneath and not our enemies.
    The World needs peace, a true peace not a manipulated one that can change to give arms manufacturers the opportunity of profit from both sides.

  4. Thu 10th Dec 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Great post, RB. It’s Christmas time you have to stop making us think. It hurts. I’m going out to buy some Star Wars tickets.

  5. Damon
    Fri 11th Dec 2015 at 7:43 pm

    As a classical anarchist (no rulers), I love this post.

    I may differ in opinion concerning how to effect a better environment, but adore the way you presented so many facets of the problem.

  6. Tue 15th Mar 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Russell,

    Just catching up on your posts after a long absence. There is so much truth in this post it hurts to see the thoughts in manifest form. At the same time, each of them seem to cry out as a premise for a series of novels…with the centrally built in theme of power and corruption.


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