Desperate Acts

7 Oct 2013, by

Desperate Acts

In the vein of always trying something new, I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in a bundle promotion with some other great authors. The idea is to create such a powerful value proposition that it’s an irresistible buy, and a no brainer. The bundle is titled “Desperate Acts” and features seven bestselling authors, most of whom are friends of mine, and seven of their novels.

The authors are myself, CJ Lyons, Melissa Foster, MJ Rose, Kathleen Shoop, Jenna Bennett, and Katia Lief.

And the price? For seven complete novels? Oh, that. Wait for it…

It’s .99. Ninety-nine stinking cents. For under a buck, you get some amazing works. Whole books, not samples. And I even resisted the urge to remove every third word from mine in order to provide a reduced-value version of the actual book. Although some might argue that would make for a better read. But I digress.

“But why, Russell? Why are you doing these bundles? Don’t you value your work?”

Sure I do. But you know what I value more? Readers. The hopes of this bundle, as well as the one that I’ll be launching closer to the holidays, is to get my work into the hands of readers I might otherwise have never reached. It’s the same reason I give away a few books free. Because I believe that once a reader is familiar with my work, they might be motivated to try other books of mine. So I take a loss on the bundles in the hopes that I’m planting seeds for the future. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. Trust me that it’s not for the money. At .99 the 35% royalty split seven ways ain’t going to buy me no Ferrari. Not that I could be trusted to drive one responsibly. But I’m just saying.

The cover is pretty cool, and so’s the concept. Hopefully you’ll think so, too. You can buy it here. And you should. For yourself, and for all your friends. If you have any. If you don’t, I wouldn’t mind if you just bought them for random people, like everyone on your Facebook page. Or in your graduating class. Or Twitter feed. Hey, I know! This is a great idea to appear generous, like you bought people seven novels, which would imply you spent more than you do on a candy bar! When it fact you cheaped out! It’s perfect! Imagine how Grandma’s eyes will light up when she believes you finally turned the corner and stopped being such a miserable, selfish, cheap prick! That alone will be worth the buck! Xmas comes early in 2013, courtesy of the ever-generous Russell Blake. Grab it now, because it won’t be out that long…




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