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What can be said about the fifth installment in The Day After Never series – Insurrection, without giving too much away? Well, most importantly, it begins a two book arc that involves the delivery of the vaccine to the Pacific Northwest – a seemingly simple task for the likes of Lucas that quickly turns deadly in unexpected ways.

Not that crossing half the country in a post-apocalyptic hell isn’t deadly, but Lucas and company are experienced enough to dodge most of the usual dangers: bandits, raiders, scavengers, bushwhackers of all shapes and sizes, landslides, predatory animals, etc.

Let’s just say that there was no way they could have prepared for what comes next. When things go from bad to worse, in the dystopian badlands, they tend to do so in a big way, entropy being the only dependable factor in the chaotic aftermath of the society’s collapse.

I think the book is one of my better efforts to date, but I always think that once done with one. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining, and a worthy installment in the series. The next, book 6, appropriately titled “Perdition,” will release in May, so you don’t have long to learn how everything resolves – I considered waiting until June to release it, just to torture everyone, but decided that wasn’t particularly nice behavior, and so May it is.

Here’s the buy link at Amazon, where it is exclusive for the next 90 days. And of course, the cover.



  1. john gebauer
    Mon 15th May 2017 at 8:59 am

    Good book


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